Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Because I Care About Your Music Selections AND because you can never have too many exclamation points!!!

Here are my most recent enjoyable itunes downloads!!

I'd love to be cool and include pictures and links to it all, but you'll just have to do that yourself. I apologize.

First of all - I have enjoyed a couple new worship leaders, Kim Walker and Misty Edwards. Kim's album, "Here is My Song" is so...jubilant. I know no other word to accurately describe it. My favorite song is "Open Up Heaven" and how after certain lines, she goes "HA!" -- like she can't contain her joy.

Between selections, she does these "Spontaneous Songs" (and actually titles them that) where she kind of ad-libs her way through a few minutes of worship. These are a little repetitive, but cool, nonetheless.

Misty Edwards is more mellow and haunting on the songs that I have - "You Won't Relent" "Lovesick" and "My Soul Longs For You" -- she's got a cool smooth voice with a little edge.

Of course, if you haven't downloaded any Israel Houghton lately, COME ON!! I love his fresh urban sound! "The Power of One" CD is fabulous, but if you only want a couple of songs, get "Just Wanna Say" and "You Found Me" (this one has an awesome appearance by my boy, tobymac) Or if you want a great worship song, get "I Receive" or "My Tribute Medley"

Travis Cottrell has a new LIVE album out called "Jesus Saves". I have fallen hard for the song "Mercy Seat" which is about the most powerful worship song I've heard in a long time. I wish I could figure out who's singing it on his album, she's amazing! I met Travis at a Vocal Camp in Nashville in 1992, when he was just a kid in glasses, writing songs. Now he leads worship for Beth Moore! Good grief! Cindy Morgan also makes an appearance on this album with one of my favorite oldie goldies, "Praise the King".

Okay, one more. For something different and fun, go get Sara Bareilles live album "Between the Lines" -- I love her voice and piano on this. She also has an exclusive itunes song, the old Peter Gabriel song, "In Your Eyes" that she does an incredible interpretation of here. I also love the studio version of "Gravity" from her album "Little Voice".

Oh, oh, I almost forgot!! Christy Nockels just came out with "Life Light Up" - her first solo album! Most underrated female vocalist in Christian Contemporary Music, right THAR.

Alright, I'm almost done. The last song I have to recommend is "Beautiful" by Kari Jobe. A gorgeous, haunting worship song that captivates me everytime I hear it.

Happy Listening!


Rachel said...

I entered to win one of Travis Cottrell's CDs over at and WON!! Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive...

I LOVE "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles...thanks for the reminder to download her :D

And Kari Jobe, WOW! Becca has her self-titled CD and if it wasn't a sin, I'd steal it for myself!! Pure, pure worship, there.

angie leverence said...

I agree, I agree!!! Kari Jobe is awesome. Israel's new album is fantastic.

Thanks for emailing in a word...lovely. Keep em' coming.