Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Music = Happy Girl

It's Spring Break here this week, which is another name for MUD.

Whoever decided this should be the week for a SPRING anything in Minnesota should be flogged with wet gloves. We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow. 'Nuff said.

But a little sunshine came my way when I realized 2 great albums came out today on itunes. Israel Houghton's "Power of One" and Mandisa's "Freedom".

The song "Just Wanna Say" on I. Houghton's album is my favorite song to job to on the treadmill right now. (And I use that term "jogging" loosely, people.)

Mandisa's website has some groovy things like her video weight loss diary. Her goal is to lose 100 lbs! She's very real and honest about her struggles - it's really interesting. She's been on an amazing journey since American Idol a few years ago.

Oh, and as far as sunshine goes, I'm going to get a big dose pretty soon. My friend Beth W. in Michigan is meeting me out west for some "girl time" next week! Just the two of us!

That has definitely kept me going this week with all the kids home and no chance of heading outdoors. (A sure prescription for insanity in my book.)


Beth Wilmot said...

Counting the days, friend. And the flogging with wet gloves has me laughing hysterically! I just keep picturing it...

Jeannie said...

Well, smack me with a wet glove for mispelling "jog"! duh.