Sunday, March 22, 2009

God Loves Choirs

I had the amazing blessing of hearing our church singing this morning. It was so beautiful. The instruments were down and it was just their voices, raised in thankfulness to the Lord.

I was supposed to be leading, but they sounded...just...amazing. I had to stop singing to just listen for a bit.

It was this chorus of pure worship -- "dwelling place" by tommy walker was the song -- and they know it so well, so they were singing strong.

Oh man, feel like I got a glimpse of heaven today and all I can say is, I want more!

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jen said...

isn't it wonderful. Our Sunday was the same way, and such a blessing to me as their leader. It has absolutely nothing to do with me, and so awesome to see God moving and growing people. A year ago it was dead silence out there I think...and grimaces.