Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Eyes

What I love about my kids is that they make me see the world in different, new ways. They increase my heart's vocabulary.
But other times, they just make up stuff that cracks me up.
Example: Jonny's pronunciation of Chapstick? CHICK-STOP. Seriously. Does it get any better?


Carrie said...

This is a great pic! Love it! Kid's have the greatest vocabulary! Lauren loves to add the word, "Honey" to her sentences, like, "You ok, honey?" Or her most common phrase, "I'm very, very, hungry!" Precious. Jonah will tell us in his very serious, man voice, "Be safe on the roads, ok?." They do wonders for our hearts!

Beth Wilmot said...

Andrew calls it "chapter stick". What can I say, the kid loves books! :)

kAeLa said...

That is one of the cutest picture I've ever seen!