Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Can't Take It

I just watched a short clip of Favre's press conference - the emotional clip, I guess you could call it. It's just too much. Seventeen years of watching his every move on the field and it's over. It's so hard to fathom the fact that #4 will not step onto the field in Green Bay this fall and make us smile, and sometimes cringe.

I love this guy. He's what professional sports SHOULD be all about. The integrity, the drive, the hard work. And yes, the mistakes. And he never forgets the fact that it is a game. A simple game that should be fun. MAN, I'm gonna miss this guy.

Alright, alright, life isn't all about sports, I know that. But there's such a great story here in Favre. I'm thankful I married a cheesehead who introduced me to him :)

So, okay, moving on. I have a baby shower tonight and then I'm going to come home and pack a baby bag for the hospital. Why? Every night I lay in bed and think, What if my water breaks tonight? It will give me peace of mind, especially when I wake up every 3 hrs to use the bathroom.

My sweet Mama is visiting from Ohio and helping me with so much - groceries today, laundry, dishes, feeding children, keeping them entertained while I get on the internet, hee hee.

Time is ticking, people. My world is about to be flipped up, turned around, and spun like a merry-go-round. Lord, help me hold on tight.


Rachel said...

I get goosebumps just thinking about it! I really can't wait, Jeannie.

As for Favre, I too am grateful for a cheesehead hubby who not only introduced me to a love of Favre, but to a love and understanding of the game of football. And even if Brett isn't coming back, at least I'll still have the game.

Susan said...

Its funny about Favre. My sister is a recent inhabitant of Wisconsin and when I called her yesterday she said.."My goodness,if I have to hear one more thing about Brett Favre I might die! Its like a President died or something!" He certainly has loyal fans/cheeseheads!

Sue Simpson
Good luck with Baby girl Reid, you will love having a precious daughter in addition to your pack of boys! Also, my sister does like Brett Favre..:)