Thursday, January 10, 2008

happy happy joy joy

Little things make me happy.
Mama's broccoli casserole
Magnetic bookmarks from Barnes and Noble
Propel Water - the Grape flavor, if it's ice cold, reminds me of grape popsicles
When Jonathan says "i wuuuuhhh you!!!"
Listening to Gregory read aloud
Dwight Shrute (from "The Office" on NBC)
Dove Milk Chocolate
South Beach Peanut Butter Protein Bars (with peanut butter spread on top for extra protein)
Reading a good book and having another one waiting in the wings
Getting books from Amazon delivered to my door
Finding a great new artist/song on itunes

Getting caught up on dishes and laundry
Baby girl clothes
The baby furniture/nurseries in Pottery Barn catalogs - who lives like that?


Susan said...

Love this poem!! I also am a huge Dwight fan and I just thumbed through a Pottery Barn kids catalog this very morning thinking, "Must be nice to have that much disposable income!"
Sue Simpson

Anonymous said...

YOU and your voice on the phone makes me happy!!

Erin Haley said...

hello patuna friend...I was reading your blog and wanted to say hi...connie and anna were sick last week and thought they gave it to us and we just might have had a sequel to two years ago...I guess they'll have to pay us back another time. :P

talk to you soon, mrs. pregnant with a girl:)

Beth Wilmot said...

Getting caught up on dishes and laundry? So, what's that like? :)

Beth Wilmot said...

Getting caught up on dishes laundry? So, what's that like? :)

Rachel said...

Right...extra peanut butter "for protein" ;D I'm with ya there.

What is this "caught up on laundry" you speak of? Is it true? Can it ever be achieved?!

Holly said...

I'm w/all those who want to know how you get caught up in laundry and dishes??? :D

mordy said...

check this out...go to the excerpts at the bottom, particularly 'on grace' and the one about emissaries. i'm loving this book.

Josh said...

Assistant Regional Manager reporting for duty... errr...

maybe that's Assistant TO THE Regional Manager...

I got all three seasons on DVD for Christmas this year! Very cool stuff. I forgot how funny season 2 was!