Monday, October 15, 2007

It All Started in Texas

When we lived in Houston, I met this girl named Ashley in a Beth Moore Bible Study.

We started hanging out and decided our husbands should meet since they had so much in common. So after church one Sunday, we headed to Double Dave's Pizza (man, I miss those Sunday buffets...) where Aaron and Patrick started talking about hunting and fishing and Wyoming. Ashley and I sipped our sodas and raised our eyebrows at each other; this was too good to be true!

Then came lots of dinners out, hanging out on the weekends, watching old movies after the kids had gone to bed, bible studies, Thanksgiving dinner at our house, scrapbooking, the birth of Jonathan, etc. Since neither of us lived anywhere near family, this couple became our family.

Then, we moved to Minnesota and shortly after, they moved to Pennsylvania.

When we left Texas, we made a pact - we would get together at least twice a year. Last weekend, they flew into Minneapolis and then we drove them up to Superior, Wisconsin to hang out in the woods. (Thanks to Aaron's parents for the hospitality!)

And I am having trouble posting pictures tonight, so stay tuned!

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