Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Favorites

I found an index card next to the computer where I wrote out some random favorite things from this summer. This was before all the hospital hoopla, so now that the dust has settled, I'll share it now...

1. HGTV (Especially where they just move your stuff around, no cost involved)
2. Old Navy Perfect Fit solid color t-shirts. One in every color, please.
3. Journals from Barnes & Noble
4. 100 calorie packs (Lorna Doone cookies)
5. Worship Leader Israel Houghton's stuff from itunes ("Not Forgotten" rocks)
6. Old Cosby Show reruns on TVLand
7. Jonny in his swim trunks
8. When I ask Jonny a question and he says, "Yeth!"
9. Anything coconut-scented
10. Trident, original flavor
11. Fresh peaches and sweet corn
12. Making Flag Cake, even if it's not a Flag holiday
13. Watching Aaron and Chris and Kaela Wake Board
14. Watching Daniel, Greggie, and cousin Brett all ride on a tube behind the boat
15. Sweet air-conditioning


Holly said...

Wow, skip the blog for a couple days and ya miss an appendectomy! Geez, girl! So glad you are doing well and back on the road to recovery. Number 15 on your list is the thing I miss most about our house here- AIR!!!!!!!! This may actually be the first year ever I'll actually welcome fall!

Holly said...

#15 for sure! I'm not sure I'd survive a whole summer let alone a whole day w/out A/C :)