Monday, August 28, 2006

Just for Kicks

I just had to throw in a couple pictures of my Mom and I at the Creative Memories Showcase a few weeks ago. They had these "photo ops" all over, and we had to do this one with a mic and a piano. I like how she's smiling sweetly and I look like I'm screaming into the mic (as usual, right?) I love making this woman laugh. I'm so glad I grew up with a Mom who was loving, confident, sassy, and sweet all at the same time. I just keep bringing on the cheesy posts, don't I??

On another topic, could everyone who is not blogging please not start a blog??? I cannot keep up anymore. I try to see everyone at least once a week and, frankly, it's wearing me out. I'm tired, people. You keep me up until all hours of the night. My husband misses me. Don't get me wrong, I love your blogs. They make me laugh, cry, think....but good grief, where will it end?! Okay, end of plea.

And let's switch gears oldest son, Greg, starts Kindegarten next week. Wow. I don't know who to pray for more - him, or his teacher and classmates. Look out - here comes the Red Wonder.


Tami said...

Mom are Great!!! I love mine to death too and wouldn't miss a chance to make he laugh either! Looks like you had a super-d-dooper time!

Holly said...

My mom IS my best friend!! I think we talk just about every day :) They're GGRRR...REAT :)

Anonymous said...

I'm starting a blog called "Just for Jeannie"...will you visit?
ev :)

Janine said...

Great pictures of you and your Mom. You are pretty hilarious. :-)
How exciting that little Gregory is going to kindergarten! Wow!

Jana said...

Love the picture of you and your Mom. You truly are goofy. This quality will help you tremendously with 3 young boys. Keep the great photos coming.


Holly said...

I'm sorry... did I somehow miss your supermodel days? The new pic in your bio section is AMAZING!!! You and Janine sure have upped the ante...maybe I'll have a little photo shoot this weekend.. HA!! BTW- ev, can it be "Just for Jeannie...and Holly, too??"