Saturday, August 26, 2006

just a boy and a girl

Aaron and I were looking at pictures tonight at his parents' house...remembering days from more than ten years ago. (My husband is the ageless wonder.) Days before children and mortgages when we were old enough to be adults, but young enough to act like kids and be stupid. (Why did I have all those bangs??)

In one picture, we are sitting in a bench swing that looks out at the lake where his Grandpa's cabin is located. The picture is taken from behind us, and I have my arm around the back of the swing, around Aaron.

It's just a boy and a girl, at the very early stages of a life story together. We had no idea what kind of future God had in store for us. All we knew at that point was that we were mad-crazy in love with each other and that God was in control.

I smile to think how little has really changed. We still find ourselves gazing out a lake together, unsure of the future, but sure of our God.

And still mad-crazy in love.


Erin Haley said...

it is amazing when you think of it that way...that when you get down to it, being in love and having God in control is all that matters...

Holly said...

WOW woman, you know how to write (course, that's why you were an English teacher...LOL) No seriously, the words come out of you prefectly. Glad to hear you're still crazy-mad in love :)

Matt Pregont said...

Hey Reid's!!! It was great catching up on your life via your blog. MI, TX and now MN, who would have thought? I see you'll have to adopt also to get that girl. Hope Aaron's new job is working out good. Angel and I recently went down memory lane when we were dating. I had saved all our emails while we were dating long distance (Angel at IWU and me in D.C.). I can still remember your apartment by Coach Johnson and Stacey's place. Good memories. I'll keep coming to the blog to see what else the Reid's are up to. What magic water is Aaron drinking? He looks exactly like he did in college. Go Packers!!!!

Angele said...

Wow, how sweet (NOT cheesy)...makes me think...contemplation is a dangerous thing! I'm not sure God is always first on our minds...reading this is inspirational to me as I wonder who were are, where we are going...all questions that seem to arise after major moves/uprootings. But we'll make our support group back and lovin' being back home!

Ashley M said...

A few things:
1.Glad you're a fun gal and can be silly with your momma.
2.Patrick wants to know why you didn't put pics of us on your blog. (he wants to be famous, i think.)
3. Are you singing at church yet?
4. Lastly, you look HOT in your profile pic (and always.) have you considered modeling?

Jeannie said...

Of course you will be on my blog...just haven't gotten the pics on my computer yet. See latest post for your teaser. Not singing in church yet, but had audition and start this month, I think. And thanks for the compliment, but it's only because I was able to edit the pic in my computer software. you ain't no shabby chick yourself, my friend!!
p.s. we thought of Patrick when we went canoeing yesterday down a river here in Wisconsin. Ran into a fly fisherman. It was major Wild at Heart Time.