Friday, March 17, 2006

The Final Week

We celebrated Daniel's 3rd birthday last weekend - can you see his little fingers making "3"? He had a rockin' good time at his Batman party. We've made such fun memories here.

It's hard to imagine that next week at this time, I will not be living in this house. Next Thursday, the 23rd, will be our final day here as movers load up the semi-trailer and we pack our vehicles.

We're actually heading to Florida first for a vacation (we knew we better take one now before the new job starts) where Aaron's parents will be meeting us. Then they'll follow us on up to Minnesota.

Our stuff will arrive before we will. It's weird to think of arriving and seeing all of our belongings already there.

Somehow, during our last move, our computer died and we were without email or internet service for months. It was so hard not to be able to connect with friends and family in that way, so I'm really hoping this time will be different. I will be keeping the same email address and blog as far as I know.

Stay tuned - I'll post some more before we leave. Thanks for your prayers!


Erin Haley said...

praying for you as you transition...its always scary going into the unknown...but we all know God has you there for a reason! This could be your best move yet!

Erin Haley said...

okay, just read your other comment...
i think i only had you for journalism, i don't think i had creative writing at all...:(
I'm actually working on sort of a memior right now...
oh, and, had to tell you, i came across will's "life before Erin" about going back in time! And you have your little comments on there about how you said you teared up reading it
*sigh* miss you!

Will said...

just to let you know...
will's blog is
happy reading...:)

oh i think i am even typing in his username...

Jess said...

It's not goodbye, it's just see ya later!

Don't make me break out into the Michael W. Smith song..."And friends are friends forever if the Lords a Lord of them..."

We love you guys!!!!!

Doug and Kelli said...

We're so proud of you Jeannie. You have jumped right in to your new house and made it your home. You are all so strong and seem to be transitioning well. Wherever your new church family is, they'll sure be blessed by such a talented, young family.
Doug and I had so much fun in our short weekend with you. We can't believe how Jonathan has grown! And my how the other two are becoming handsome little men! That story about Daniel nearly brought us to tears... how precious! Just looking at your family proves that you and Aaron are doing something right.
We miss you guys already and we hope see you sometime this summer?! We promise to keep praying for everyone and especially Aaron with his new job. ~* LOVE YOU ALL *~