Thursday, March 16, 2006

Channel Surfing

...Has anyone caught this new reality show on ESPN 2 called "Knight School"? It's Bobby Knight taking 16 guys from Texas Tech who want to be a walk-on for his basketball team. The night I saw the show, it was down to 4 wanna-be's. Can I just say it's about the most hilarious thing on TV?? I thought Bobby would be all crude and vulgar, but he's just very entertaining. A little psycho, but entertaining. Does that man ever smile, by the way?

...These new commercials for energy drinks are also cracking me up. First there was Full Throttle - made by Coca-Cola, thank you very much, with their "Let Your Man Out" mantra. And now Vault - with the Dad plowing down his neighborhood to give his son 50 yards to throw a football...oh, man. They're so hilarious, but it's interesting to me how they target men. Are they saying a lot of men don't feel manly, so drink this stuff? Or are they just trying to be funny?

...Okay, so American Idol. Didn't watch one snip of it last year, but this year Aaron and I have been keeping up a little. I don't know if watching this show is good for me...I get seriously nervous for these people. Aaron looked over at me and said, "Why are you cracking your knuckles?" Let's hope I don't bite all my fingernails off before the finale. Right now I'm not really pulling for anybody in particular. Aaron is highly amused by Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell.

I think I'll go read a book.

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Erin Haley said...

okay, have to admit, i am an american idol fan too. i think its because there really are some good people and you want to see if America was smart enough to keep those ones...although i say this and i've never voted...