Sunday, September 25, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I don't know if I've ever been so glad to see our little house - no damage, no nuthin. Praise the Lord!

After we left the Johnstones, we decided to see if there were any hotel rooms in Waco (we were unsure if we'd have power at home didn't want to drive 5 hrs. straight with the kiddos...) so we found a room and crashed for the night. The boys loved swimming in the pool and being silly with Daddy. I enjoyed being able to eat dinner at Fazoli's for the first time in about a year! There are no Fazoli's in Houston!! Ah...the breadsticks..

We left Waco this morning after breakfast and had no traffic the whole way back home. Delightful. God is good. It's amazing how much you miss the casual routine of your life when you are forced out of it for a moment.

Aaron enjoyed driving through some of the backroads of Texas and seeing more of this huge state. We live in such an urban area, it was good to see the countryside a bit. I was really amazed by Aaron's patience and cool head through this whole thing. He drove for 11 hours straight all night Wednesday and kept our family from freaking out. He stayed calm and made such wise decisions, with the Lord's guidance. When we were around 30 minutes from Waco Wednesday morning, I was watching his eyes in the rearview mirror and noticed that they were closed more than they were open. "REID!!!" I kept shouting to wake him up until he finally pulled over to let me drive. I think my poor mother came close to a cardiac arrest at that point. (Mama safely boarded a flight in Dallas and made it home to Ohio on Friday. I don't know if I'll ever get her to come back to Texas...)

I would like to have a very normal week now. Normal is good. I missed normal.

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Tony Myles said...

Whew! We prayed for you guys!