Thursday, August 04, 2005

Questions Asked in Grief

For the past few days, I've been in a bit of a fog as Aaron and I received word that some friends of ours are grieving the loss of their 3-month old daughter. I can't stop thinking of these dear friends and praying that God would be their rock during this time when they feel like they will drown in their grief. How does one wrestle with God over the death of a child?

My grandparents received a call in the middle of the night many years ago. It was someone from Central Wesleyan College (now Southern Wesleyan University). Their oldest daughter had died in a dorm fire there at the college along with one other female student. My mother remembers hearing the cries of grief throughout the night. How does one trust and believe in the Light of the World when all is darkness?

My brothers and sisters-in-law have lost children, some they have never held. I have wept at the funeral of a small baby boy who lived only hours after birth. How does one breathe when the heart breaks?

I ache tonight. I grieve for my friends and their family. I cling to the God I love. His heart is good... His heart is good. He will never leave us; He will never forsake us. He is all we have. He is all we need. Praise His Name.


Jennifer - Mommy of 5 said...

Hey Jeans,
I too feel the pull of that grief. I have been thinking of those families for days and I cannot begin to imagine the loss, the cavity or the pain. I agree, that God carefully and amazingly holds in those times when we cannot see straight. He lifts our heads so we can catch our breath and holds us until the pain seems to pass. Wow. I hurt for them. I have prayed for them. What a sad, sad, loss.

Angele said...

You know, since becoming a mom, I can hardly stand to hear of things like this. It's way too easy imagine how I would feel in their shoes and it's only imagined pain. I can't watch a TV show or movie that shows a child in danger or dying. This is the one thing I hate about being a mother--the unbearable pain of not being to protect your child from the worst. I try to imagine Jesus holding those children who have left their parents and hope I never know what it feels like for real. God bless your hurting friends.