Saturday, August 13, 2005

Favre Forever

Last Thursday night, I watched the first Green Bay Packer game of the pre-season with a little sadness. This could be the last season for Brett Favre.

I can remember the moment I became a huge fan of Favre. It was 1996 and Aaron and were glued to the TV all winter, watching the progress of the Packers to the Super Bowl. (Good thing we didn't have any kids at the time!) Many of you have seen the clip - it was the first throw for Favre in the Super Bowl and he hit Andre Rison for a touchdown. Favre rips his helmet off and goes running to his teammates and coaches on the sidelines like he'd just won the entire game right there. I remember laughing so hard with Aaron at this crazy young quarterback who was bound to lead us to victory.

Now, years later, I feel sort of like we've grown up with Favre. We've watched him win and lose; we've seen his battles with himself and his own addictions. And more recently, we've witnessed his suffering through the death of his father and the diagnosis of cancer in his wife. He strangely feels more like family than some player in the NFL.

I think what I like about Favre is his authenticity. He isn't like any other quarterback who has ever played the game. He has a leadership quality that comes from being himself and being confident in his abilities. He's like your favorite uncle at the family reunion who plays with all the kids even though he's twice their size, and has a maturity you admire without taking himself too seriously. We've been watching him for so long - it's going to be hard to see him retire.

I watched with a slight scowl as the Favre heir-apparent, Aaron Rodgers waited on the sidelines last Thursday night. He's a top pick out of California - blah, blah, blah. The verdict is out on California boy. I must admit, though, in a short interview I saw on ESPN, he acted pretty humble and low-key. I guess that's a good sign.

For now, I'd just like to vote for a few more years of Favre. At least until we win the Big One.


Josh said...

Jeannie... nice post! It's funny, I felt the same way about Kurt Warner before he was banished from St. Louis. But I certainly feel this way about a few of the St. Louis Cardinals (baseball). Scott Rolen, Chris Carpenter, David Eckstein, Reggie Sanders. (Too bad half those guys are on the DL right now.)

I just think there's something about athletes who become rich and famous... but have never forgotten why they began playing the game to begin with. I love watching athletes who still play the game because they still LOVE the game.

I think Brett Favre is one of those guys. And honestly, if the Rams can't win the BIG ONE this year... I'll be rooting for your Packers to make it there against Peyton Manning of the Colts, whom I also think still plays the game because he loves it...

Good luck to your Packers this year! May Favre stay healthy and throw multiple Touchdown passes... especially if it's against the stinkin' Chicago Bears whom I hate with a passion, mostly because they are in the same city as the stinkin' Cubs. Haha!

-Josh Howard

kyperman said...

Not a huge Favre fan, but good post. GO LIONS.