Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Forgiveness, Freedom, and Ted Dekker

It seems like there is always a student of mine reading a Ted Dekker book!

I've only read House (written with Frank Peretti) and Thr3e, but it took me a long time to recover! My students love the suspense and gripping mystery in Dekker's books and keep me up-to-date on which ones to get into my classroom library.

His most popular among my students is probably the Circle series with the titles Black, Red, Green, and White.

His newest book, Water Walker, comes out on March 18th.
Wouldn't you love to read an excerpt for free?!
Dekker's book explores the theme of forgiveness and the freedom that is found when you give that gift to someone else. It makes me think of the times in my own life when forgiveness has been a gift that I've withheld. I have kept my bitterness in my pocket and held tight to my pain as if that could be a healthy choice.
Choosing to be whole and healthy means letting go of the rocks in our pockets, so to speak. We drop them into the dust, and make the decision to forgive the hurt and pain.
If Christ offered forgiveness from the cross, who are we to think we shouldn't offer the same?
Holding on to hurt binds us up and keeps us from full, abundant life. We have the key to the chains. We can unlock these shackles and forgive. It doesn't excuse or erase what has happened, and it doesn't make it okay overnight.
It's the beginning of freedom.
I can speak from experience - forgiveness isn't always a one-time event. I have had to choose forgiveness continually when my mind goes to the hurt, like a song being played on "repeat."
What about you? How has forgiveness changed you? How has BEING forgiven changed you?

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