Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Heart's Mirror

In Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas, he calls children our "heart's mirror."  And that the way we relate to them reveals what we value most in life. 

 C.J. Mahaney encourages every parent to ask their children a very insightful question: 

What do you think your daddy and mommy feel most passionate about?"

If the gospel doesn't come to mind, they may have picked up that we really care about avoiding embarrassment over their behavior, having a clean house, getting them in the best schools, or having a straight-A report card.

Today my life is filled with distractions:  I need a shower; the laundry is beckoning; it's too hot to do anything but swim; and there are phone calls to make for a school fundraiser.

But is that all my kids see?  My distracted, frenzied self?  I have to remember what's important here.  Loving hearts.  Hugging.  Apologizing.  Laughing easily and barking rarely.  Bible open.

Help me, Lord.  When they reflect my heart, may it be beautiful today.


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