Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Advice

One of the beautiful delights of summer is having time to put into my own writing.  Having this challenge has helped me create habits for a writing life that I want to continue throughout the calendar year - not just these precious days between the first and last day of school.

Today I am challenged to ship and tweak -- meaning, revise and edit the writing I have done, ship it out, and then start over again.  Doing this repeatedly will lead to a more productive writing life and confidence in myself. 

Right now, I'm preparing to send in a teeny piece of writing to Hallmark (see previous post) for a contest they are having. 

What is some of the best advice I've ever received?

Here they are -- give me your vote!

1.  In my sophomore year of college, I was struggling to decide on a major.  I didn't have a focus or a passion for anything.  My dad finally asked me what seemed like a basic question:  "What's been your favorite courses and professors so far?"  My answer came easily, "Oh, definitely my writing and literature classes."  He encouraged me to pursue a major in this area instead of worrying about a specific job after college.  This freed me up to enjoy my classes, get a degree, and eventually, become a happy high school English teacher.

2.  Closely observe how your boyfriend or fiance treats his mother.  If he respects and honors his mother, he will do the same to you.  But if he is rude and looks down on his mother, he will repeat this behavior to his future wife.

3.  Don't write anything in an email or on a social networking site that you wouldn't say in person.    Get out from behind the screen and call or visit someone in person if you have a conflict or a grievance. 

4.  When you interview for a job, make the first minute matter.  Enter with a warm smile, a good handshake, and nice posture.  Speak clearly and look him or her in the eye.  Be honest about your qualifications, and share your enthusiasm for the company.   Do your homework and ask questions of your own -- show your initiative!


Susan said...

I am really enjoying this series you're doing right now. I enjoy writing but I hate editing. I will admit that I hate re-reading posts I've written that are full of errors! I am trying to be better about making an effort to proofread before I publish my posts. It is a never ending process!

Anonymous said...

Well of course I vote for #1. He is a wise man!! :))

Joel said...

I like #1 as well. I recently received similar advice from a friend, but couched in different language. It was late winter, I'd worked a long day at the office, and though I was exhausted, I was trying to decide whether to go to an exercise class I'd committed to.

The friend I called said, "What makes you feel lighter? Going to class or not going to class?" That made the choice easy: I teared up with relief and went home -- and in the process, took care of my body and psyche in a way that I wouldn't have by keeping my commitment.

It may sound New Agey, or sort of woo-woo, but it's been a good filter for me several times since then. What makes you feel light?