Friday, April 20, 2012

Three Tips for a Beautiful Soul

In my fortune cookie today, I read:

"A fair face may fade, but a beautiful soul lasts forever."

And now I can't stop thinking...what does that really mean?  How does one go about developing a beautiful soul?

As we age, we have a choice.  We can become more selfish, believing we have earned the right to say and do whatever we want.  We can forget our mission and decide to check-out, thinking our time has passed and we should let the next generation take over.

Or, we can cultivate a more beautiful soul through...

Loving the unlovable.  Touching them. Choosing to be with them when we'd rather be anywhere else.

Praying and spending time with God.   I say He's number one, but how does that translate to my real life?  How different would my life be if I increased my time with him instead of with my toys?

Holding my hand open.  Everything I own belongs to God.  You want to borrow my car?  Go ahead.  Come stay with me; I have room!  This is His and He may use it as He sees fit. 

And even as I write these, I am thinking -- epic fail, Jeannie.  But He has given me today and I can make today different.  I can love NOW.  In this moment, right where I am.

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