Sunday, January 08, 2012

Favorite Books of 2011 (Part Three)

*I am never paid to endorse these books, in case you've ever wondered.  I just love them and want to share them with you!*

There is a quote I saw recently that said, "I buy books the way some women buy shoes."  I couldn't agree more.   I'd much rather spend cash on books than food or clothes. 
That's me - well-read, but hungry and naked. 

This is the last part of my Favorite Book List - Non-fiction!  The book above was such an encouraging read by Eileen Button.  In this book of essays, Button shares what it means to walk with Christ while being patient during "waiting times." 

How many times do I grow frustrated waiting for my kids to be more independent, or waiting to hear God's voice, or waiting for a trial to be over?  I loved her writing style and how easy she was to relate to. 

If you are a pastor's wife, this is also a great read as she shares the reality of that role. 
 (Translation: Church people can be so mean.)

The website came first, and then this book.  I quickly became a huge fan of Jon Acuff.  He writes about revealing the "clutter of Christianity" so we can see the "beauty of Christ."  Let's face it, the culture of Christianity and the church can sometimes be hilarious.  His humor and satire are meant to help us see how ridiculous we act sometimes.  Don't be offended - it's all good, clean fun.

 For example, the book includes sections like, "Fearing Your Church Will Do Something Wacky the One Time You Invite a Friend", "Using Vacation Bible School as Free Babysitting", and "Losing the Will to Clap During Songs" just to name a few.

I also loved the part about how to hold hands in church:
"NEVER interlink your fingers.  NEVER give the "You're great" squeeze, and NEVER linger."
 Amen to that.
The illustrations in the book also had me giggling like crazy.

Michael Perry writes manly books.  It's refreshing to read a love story written by a man who doesn't gush.  Perry's book is about falling in love with a truck and a woman at the same time.  He restores this antique truck, while finally giving in to love in his late thirties.  I also love the fact that he resides in North Central Wisconsin.  I hope to read his other books this year. 

Let me know what books captured you this past year! 

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Rachel said...

Hmmm, I am intrigued by the John Acuff book especially. :)

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