Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Thoughts (and Snoopy)

I remember when the kids were small and we'd constantly remind them to say "thank you."

It took awhile to learn the "TH" sound, so we heard a lot of:

Tank You!
or my favorite,
Fank You!

I was pretty surprised this morning when I learned how my oldest child recently gave thanks for ....well, for being punished. 

Apparently, his teacher had given him a writing assignment as a consequence and he literally thanked her.  (His sense of justice has always been strong.)  I couldn't help but think I would never have had the same reaction.  Instead, I would probably have pouted and had a pity party. 

But thankfulness?  Wow.  See how that changes the entire circumstance?

Likewise, we are called to be thankful even in the midst of discipline or challenge. 
It's not even a choice -- it's a command:  be thankful!

"To give thanks in solitude is enough..." - Victor Hugo

1 comment:

con said...

awesome. i forget, have you read 'one thousand gifts'?

i will be sad when little man stops saying that he has the hip-ups *hic*.