Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Still in High School

I used to think being a teacher would be the worst career choice ever.

I thought teachers lived lives of quiet desperation - going home each day to a house full of cats and cans of vegetable soup.

Then somewhere around 1994, I had one of those moments that flipped my thinking forever. I watched a friend student teach and have a blast at the same time. I left that school completely sold on the fact that teaching wasn't a 'fall-back' job. It didn't have to be boring.

Oh man, this could actually be fun!

So, I go to school with my own 4 kids now and teach teenagers. And it's a blast. Never easy, sometimes heartbreaking, and always challenging - that's teaching.

(Want to see my school? Do ya? Huh? Okay!

Here are a few of the incredible kids I get to hang out with Monday-Friday. I invited them over a few days before the first day of school.

They were probably thinking as I took this picture,

"Where are the cats?"

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con said...

have you read 'rumors of water'?