Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two 90 Year-Old Men I Love

The grand prize goes to this fella right here:

 My Grandpa will hit 93? 94? this coming October.  I really believe his secret to long life is laughter, spaghetti, and Jesus, not necessarily in that order.  He and my Grandma will celebrate 69 years of marriage in just a few weeks.  Try and wrap your noggin around that!

Second place goes to Mr. Truett Cathy, shown here with his lovely wife of 63 years.  Cathy started and owns the Chick-fil-a franchise.  He is one amazing dude.

He recently spoke at Indiana Wesleyan University, my alma mater, at their May graduation.  He received an honorary doctorate degree from the college as well as the honor of being inducted into their "Society of World Changers."

One of my favorite quotes from that speech is, "We all need encouragement.  I get a lot of encouragement, but I never got an overdose." 
True!  Who can we encourage around us today?

My husband is currently out of town for business, but couldn't resist sending me this photo this morning.  I'm sure he delivered these to some extremely happy steel customers of his.  

I personally didn't find it very encouraging.

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