Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Hard Day

Mother's Day used to make me crazy.  

All this HOOP-LA for women who were somehow blessed by God to have children of their own.  Frankly, it made me crabby.  By the year 2000, we had been trying for 2+ years to have a baby and .....silence .....nothing.

I would pout every stinkin' Mother's Day and ask God, "When? Why?"

If I had listened closer, I might have heard, "Soon.  Because it's gonna be a wild ride."  :)

I think it's best to honor this day by thanking God for all the ways He's gifted women to "mother" others.  I feel like I've had many "children" -- high school students I've taught, young friends who've needed an old lady ;) to talk to, and other moms who needed some encouragement along the way.

I don't believe God calls every single woman to be a mother, but I believe He definitely calls every woman to "mother" someone.  I had a fabulous college professor who did just that - inviting students to her home for Bible study and great life discussions.

It's hard to remember the days when I was only responsible for little ol' me.  
But I'm grateful for the opportunity to influence these amazing gifts in my life now.

Who has "mothered" you besides your one wonderful mama?  
Who put their arm around your shoulders and made the load lighter?

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