Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stuff I Love - April

I love those editorial letters where the writer shares her favorite three things for the month. 

So allow me to be a bit of a copycat here....

Let's get the girly beauty product out of the way first. 

I have thick, unruly hair and this heat protectanct spray rocks my world.  I spray it in especially before using a flat iron.  It's light, but conditioning.  Others I've tried have either been too stinky, or feel heavy on my hair.
Adventures in Odyssey!  Have you started your own collection yet?  I think they are as necessary in my house as Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.  I mean, my kids LOVE these stories.  We listen to them everyday in the car on the way to school and a couple boys in my house have been known to play with Legos in their rooms while listening to Odyssey for looooong periods of time.  Divine.

This Adventure Bible is so amazing.  I looked at it in the library at school today and fell in love.  It's written in a comic book format so each page has brilliant illustrations.  You can find it here with a great promo video about it at the bottom.  Again, a must-have if you have boys in your house!

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