Saturday, April 30, 2011

Simple Truths

Homemade chocolate chip cookies can heal a broken heart, a boo-boo, or make a house a home.

There are 2 girls named Mary Lou in this picture and they could both rule the world.
(Hint:  one has red hair, the other, white)

Sometimes, when I witness an amazing sunset, I want to start applauding and yell, "Way to go, God!!"

Children are a good reminder of what pleases God. 
Not the selfish temper tantrums, but the ability to be so unassuming and take each day at a time...the way they find joy in the simplicity of life and believe in the unseen so easily...

Time.  Goes.  So.  Fast.  
When this lovely niece of mine was the age of that baby girl above, I had no idea I would blink and she'd be a senior in high school, ready to take on the world. 

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Anonymous said...

Kaela's picture just makes the tears come! Where did the years go?! That makes me want to hold on to my grandchildren more!