Friday, April 15, 2011

My First Love

Can I get a witness?

My 8th grade students are presenting reports on favorite authors and today one girl brought in the complete set of Little House on the Prairie books.  It had once belonged to her mother, and it was the exact same set I used to love as a child.  Anyone else remember those pale yellow covers?  The Harper Collins editions of the 80s?  I know, I'm old.

What is it about those books? 

They even had the same SMELL. 
(Yes, I stick my nose in books literally sometimes.) 

 It was thrilling. 



Anonymous said...

oh wow I do remember those...

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm jealous! Can I have a sniff???

Erin said...

I am your WITNESS. I love, love, love those books. Irelyn just got the complete set this past Christmas from Will's mom and I confess, I was smelling the pages and reading through them like they were going out of style. :)

Little House Lovers....UNITE!

con said...

anna likes reading the little kid you know what i'm talking about? they're still chapter books, but condensed versions that i stumbled upon at the library. at first i was like, what?? and didn't know if i wanted to let them into my house, but then i thought if it introduces her to the characters and gives her a taste of the time period in a book that's her size, then she'll be primed and ready for the real thing. :)