Monday, April 18, 2011

Clothes for "In-Between"

I frequently find myself lamenting to friends about the lack of great clothes for "our age."

What is "our age?"

  • No longer in college, but not collecting social security....
  • Unable to convince strangers we are "29 and holding" but not wearing support hose...
  • Loving the current trends and styles, but too old to pull them ALL off, ALL of the time....
What's a girl to do?  A girl without a $1,000 monthly clothing budget?

I don't have a lot of answers.  I will tell you some places I love and please tell me yours.  We will be cool and we will be our age.  That is our creed, my friends.

 First, I must start this conversation with Ann Taylor Loft.  I know, I know, PRICEY. 
 I agree whole-heartedly.  But I have found they usually have some great sales in-store and online.  
 Right now, they are having a 40% sale on your entire purchase!  That's a sweet deal! What I love about Loft are the classic quality pieces that work together so well.  I also love the "Julie" fit, which helps girls with birthing hips like myself. :)

Did you know Loft gives discounts to teachers?!  I can print off my 15% coupon online, bring it in with my school ID, and BAM!  It's Christmas in July!

  I wish I'd known about this before my recent shopping trip...sigh...

And how about role models?  Who in your life (or in Hollywood) do you feel dresses her age, while looking groovy at the same time?  For me, Reese Witherspoon (age 35, thankyouverymuch) always looks polished and trendy, not dressing like she's 15 or showing too much skin.

Okay, one last question.  Where do you shop?  Have you found some fun things at Target?  Old Navy?  Or are you a Gap girl?  A Maurices maven?  

I'll be the first to admit it's hard to buy clothes for yourself when your kids are growing faster than you can say "CHILDREN'S PLACE!" but we can't put ourselves at the very bottom of the pile.  
You go, girl!  We're all in this together.


Erin said...

My most favorite store is Anthropologie, for their "our-age" trendiness. They've got color, style, and class all mixed up together for those of us who are just HITTING OUR PRIME YEARS. :) Quality fabric, cuts, classic fits. However, it's pricey. But, these days I don't tend to buy much anyway. I stick to a couple new pieces every six months to a year.

I hit up our JCrew clearance center too, and I only buy from Target or Old Navy if the clothing is cotton or long lasting. Nothing drives me nuts more than buying something that doesn't hold its shape, or gets a hole after one to two washings. I'm also big on American Eagle, if the item is good. I don't get everything there: just my jeans, and perhaps a random item. I'm pretty picky in that store, but I'm a sucker for classic American looks like denim and bohemian tops. (I actually bought a pair of silk, highwaisted shorts there recently that I love.)

One rule I've come to live by: If I"m unsure of whether I like it or not, or I'm on the fence with it (despite the sales price), I leave it.

Beth Wilmot said...

Totally agree! I'm spoiled to have a GAP outlet near me. Their regular prices are decent, but they frequently have sales and they email me coupons, too. I also have a few local consignment stores that I like. In the past month, I've gotten Ann Taylor jeans and shorts, and a Banana Republic skirt and khakis, and didn't pay more than $6 for any one item. Consignment shopping is time-consuming, but worth it when you find what you're looking for!