Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fresh Tunes on a Snow Day

That's right, a snow day.  Yesterday's rain turned to ice overnight, and then a few inches of snow on top of that equals happy school children.

So I'm having fun downloading new music today in my sweats and thought I'd share a few with you.

Brooke Fraser -- Brooke is a Hillsong girl, but she is also a fabulous singer/songwriter of the pop variety.  She's a huge hit in New Zealand!!  I love her "Desert Song" from Hillsong, and now I've also gotten into her mellow tunes from previous albums.  I've loved Albertine (especially "Love, Where is Your Fire?" and "Shadowfeet" and "Hosea's Wife")

Downloaded today?  "Sailboats" and "You Can Close Your Eyes" from the album Flags

Jimmy Needham -- Jimmy is so original.  There's no one else like him in Christian music.  He's soulful and smooth.  His new album Nightlights has 2 cool songs called "Grace Amazing" and the date night tune, "Steal Away"

Kirk Franklin -- Kirk is king.  He makes me happy.  His new album, Hello Fear, has only one song a girl could really dance to, though.  Sigh.

Downloaded today?  "Before I Die" from Hello Fear

And then because my kids LOVE this song -- I bought "NY2LA" by the group Press Play.  I'm sure I'll regret that decision on a road trip soon......


Anonymous said...

C' George Strait?

Jeannie said...

Naw, I'll leave the twangy-twangs to you, brother! (Although I do have a good selection of Little Big Town :)