Thursday, January 27, 2011

January in Minnesota - Survival Tips

 Do your best to keep a positive attitude.  This includes large amounts of chocolate....and shopping.

When the temperature actually reaches above 15 or 20 degrees, throw the kids outside - preferably with snow gear on. 

Cheer for the Packers.  Even if they don't go to the Playoffs. 
If they happen to do well, count your blessings and yell things like, "Take THAT Favre!!"
Take Vitamin D.  I have heard it helps those deprived of sunlight.  If that doesn't work, get a doctor to order you to go to California for a couple of weeks.

Cuddle up with your kids an hour before bedtime and look at pictures from when they were babies.  Pretend you actually enjoyed the way they used to hide toys in their pull-ups.

Schedule "dates" with friends.  Meet her at Applebees at 8pm, when the craziness in the house has diminished.  This might just save your life.

Keep a tall stack of books and magazines next to your bed.  Climb in at 8:30 or 9 some nights and just read and read and read....and confuse your husband completely.....

Get a membership to the Y or Snap Fitness.  Actually go once a week AT LEAST...

If that doesn't work, buy DVDs that yell at you to work out, and laugh at them working up a sweat.


Beth Wilmot said...

I think that trip to California should include a friend. Just sayin'. :)

Syna Reid said...

Or go buy Just Dance and make a fool of yourself with your daughters!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

You make me laugh! And its only 5:47a.m. and I am about to head to the ol'folks home for a long. tedious day of work. Your tips are great and true..

On a completly unrelated note I CAN NOT get that apple dip out of my head. I may need to make it tonight and promptly eat it all. Maybe while watching " The Biggest loser:)

Jeannie said...

Susan, how did that apple dip work out??

Syna, I'm comin' over!

Beth, book it NOW