Monday, December 06, 2010

Boy, Lemme Show Y'How to Make a Pizza!

 Making pizza is a time-honored tradition in the Reid family. Poppy's recipe came from his pizza-making days in Wyoming and the recipe is so top-secret, I could be flogged for even posting these pictures. 
Greg got his first crack at the Reid tradition over the Thanksgiving weekend, with his uncle.  Rolling dough is apparently much easier than it looks.
 Greg quickly let his uncle take over for awhile.
Uncle Dick gives him some tips on crimpin' the crust. 
 The finished product:  a cheese and EXTREME onion pizza.  Way to go, G-man!
And, now a photo taken by someone who is an artist with a camera.  I just had to add this most beautiful photo from my sister-in-law.  Takes my breath away.

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