Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tools for the Journey

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I am the first to admit that spending time with God, getting into His Word each day, takes discipline, perseverance, and a good alarm clock.  Now that I have more of a set schedule in the morning, I do find it easier to make Him my first priority, instead of fitting in a quiet time "whenever it works."  (translation: not very often)  I have always been one of those people who need to set aside the first few moments of my morning with a Bible and a prayer journal, or it simply doesn't happen.

So, I want to encourage you not to give up.  When I had babies in the house, God was so gracious to meet me where I was, and to remind me that He is here for me, whenever I can get my head above water.  There are simply days as a Mom when you are just surviving, just trying to get a shower.  Actually, I still feel like that sometimes....

Here are a few tools that have been so helpful me in jump-starting my morning with my Father.  First of all, I have come to enjoy the New Living Translation and The Message as a fresh way of hearing God's Word.  I make sure to compare those verses with NASV or NIV to see if the true meaning is askew, but more often than not, God speaks to me with a new insight I hadn't thought of before.

Another great book I've enjoyed recently is Good Morning, Lord by Sheila Walsh.  The subtitle says it so well:  I don't know where you're going today, God, but I'm going with you.  Click on the link at the top of this post to view it on Amazon.  It's got a short writing by Sheila, and then questions to consider and scripture below.

The second devotional I use regularly is called Tapestry and it's distributed by Walk Thru the Bible ministries.  My mom first introduced me to this publication, and I've used it for years now.  It has each day's date at the top, and scripture to look up with the writing.  It helps me get my mind focused on listening and quieting my heart for the day.  Click here to view a sample page

Although there's really no need for "extras" when it comes to spending time with the Lord, I've always found that these are simply spring-boards for my own meditation on His Word.  I hope you'll be challenged to make your time with Him deeper and stronger!

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Anonymous said...

This is so great for Moms! They need all the encouragement they can get and it means more coming from one that has been there and is still hanging in there!
Thanks for taking the time to do this....I am going to use it at MOPS.
Love you!