Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's not THAT bad...

Aaron is out of town this week until Friday for work.

I try not to be in "survival" mode when he leaves, but let's be honest here.  Parenting four children is not a task one can do alone for very long.  I feel like one of those performers you see at a circus, running from one plate to the next, keeping them from shattering into a thousand pieces. 

When they finally all fall asleep at night, I grab my apple with peanut butter, and climb into bed with the first season of Alias on DVD, anxious to escape into the world of espionage and adventure.  Man, that was a great show.

The first night Aaron was gone, my oldest son obviously had some worries.

"Mom?  How are we gonna pay the bills??"


Ashley M said...

hahahaha. Greg. funny kid. Patrick is gone until this week, too. Sun - Sat...I should've flew up and we could have survived together!

Rachel said...

Oh, I hear ya. Next time call me and we can commiserate!