Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poetry. And Blog Doubtings...

Before I share a favorite poem (I'm in one of those moods...) I have to confess I'm wondering if I should just write notes and posts on facebook instead of blogging. Any thoughts? Feeling like there are a lot of crickets chirping in my blogging world right now. Yes, this is a pathetic plea for comments.

Okay, so I'm putting together all these plans for teaching high school English again, and I'm remembering how much I truly do enjoy poetry. I read this book awhile back and it encouraged me so much to get back into writing poetry, experimenting with words again.

by Nikki Giovanni

poetry is motion graceful
as a fawn
gentle as a teardrop
strong like the eye
finding peace in a crowded room

we poets tend to think
our words are golden
though emotion speaks too
loudly to be defined
by silence

sometimes after midnight or just before
the dawn
we sit typewriter in hand
pulling loneliness around us
forgetting our lovers or children
who are sleeping
ignoring the
weary wariness
of our own logic
to compose a poem
no one understands it
it never says"love me" for poets are
beyond love
it never says "accept me" for poems seek
not acceptance but controversy
it only says "i am" and therefore
i concede that you are too

a poem is pure energy
horizontally contained
between the mind
of the poet and the ear of the reader
if it does not sing discard the ear
for poetry is song
if it does not delight discard
the heart for poetry is joy
if it does not inform then close
off the brain for it is dead
if it cannot heed the insistent
that life is precious


Ashley M said...

nooooo. facebook is so impersonal! (?) Just stay while, I like your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Great poetry! I think you still need to blog because you can't put that much on facebook!
Just my opinion.....

Doug said...

Don't let the blog die - we love it!!!

Susan said...

So funny that you should post this b/c I have been thinking the same thing as of late. But,then I remember that I am really blogging to keep a record of all these times and my thoughts throughout this season of my life. I think I will continue to blog for at least the next year.
I love comments though and I hardly ever get any!!
Love yours..don't go..just yet! Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top?:)

Mikal said...

Mikal here. Your blog was a bright spot in my day - I needed it.

Jeannie said...

Mikal!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Miss you, man.

Jeannie said...

Thanks the encouragement! It was just the gentle prodding I needed...I am so like cattle...

anne said...

Don't leave us blog stalkers with one less blog to peruse :)! I would greatly miss you and your insights here!!!!

Hope you are having a great week!

moms2favs said...

You gotta blog! I need your inspirational wisdom to get me motivated. Your an awesome blogger!

Karna said...

Just wanted you to know your blog makes me smile and encourages me. Please keep it up.