Thursday, June 03, 2010

Wedding Road Trip (without wedding pictures)

Last Saturday, C & S and Aaron & I drove down to Iowa for a co-worker's wedding. No kids allowed!! (Thanks, Granny!) My camera batteries died before I got any shots that had to do with the wedding, but I was still able to get these: Okay, a little explanation. Aaron accidently stepped on Syna's shades and broke them. He's wearing them in this shot. Nice. There's our buddy Nate on the left, Chris in the middle.

The four of us! It was a beautiful outdoor wedding under shady trees. I had my first Chipolte experience on this trip. I was a little like a deer in the headlights when it was my turn to order, but I got the Fajita Burrito, and it was a good pick. Did you know McDonalds owns Chipolte? Me either. Now you know.

Ah, that's better.

Me and The Man.

Other highlights of the trip...laughing at All About Steve with my sister-in-law....taking funny pictures of sleeping husbands in the car (don't you wish I'd posted THAT one!) Chips and salsa at a wedding reception - BRILLIANT!


Anonymous said...

yay!!! I'm famous! he he

Anonymous said...

i want to see the sleeping husbands one, so I can laugh!!!!!! :)

Ashley M said...

Uh, you look HOT sista! I mean, seriously, are you a size 6 now? Glad you had a fantastic kid-less trip!

Jeannie said...

BLAHHAHAAHA!! Ashley, you crazy!!! (and that's why i love you...)

mordy said...

ever had chipotle hot chocolate? you need to. not from the restaurant. i didn't even know there was one.