Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Stuff on my Brain

- VBS -

We are finishing up a week of Vacation Bible School here at our church. I have been the Bible Storyteller for the kids and it's been fun to adapt each day to how each group responds/doesn't respond. Great preparation for teaching, even though the ages aren't the same.

I forget how much energy it takes to present something to a group of kids -- and how much fun it is. For me, at least. Well, one day wasn't so fun. I made a 4-year old cry when I talked about how Paul could have died from a snake bite in the book of Acts. Guess I got a little animated with my story....

But I can't help but think of all those dear ladies who worked at VBS for years when I was a kid. What saints. What angels. Wherever you are - I thank you.

- Boys -

All my boys need right now for a great summer is water. Yesterday, they played with the garden hose for almost an hour. The grass was a bit mutilated, but their laughter made up for it.

Also, a great speech from the G-man on the way to VBS this morning: "You know why I'm NEVER gettin' married? I want my OWN car, my OWN house, and no BORING kids or a BORING wife." I immediately wrote it down and plan to bring it to his wedding reception where I will read it with great pleasure someday. Dear God, please save my son from himself. Amen.

- Delish -

Has anyone tried Gold Peak Tea? It's made by Coca-Cola and it's in some fast-food restaurants now. But my favorite is to hit Casey's Convenience Store to grab a bottle of Diet Gold Peak Tea. I'm not kidding - I've never had better tea. I've searched all my life to find sweet tea that tasted like the kind my Grandpa made when I was a kid - liquid candy. And glory be, I think I've found it.

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Anonymous said...

Greg's words are priceless! So worth keeping, for sure.