Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love This Book?

Honestly. This is the best thing I've picked up in a long time. Tony Woodlief has 4 small boys - and that alone earns him a high-five - but he also writes about the simple, beautiful insanity of ordinary family life in a way that is pure artistry. I had to include a passage that totally cracked me up today. Enjoy:

You want to know why people who have raised children are more likely to vote for conservatives as they grow older? Because when you have worn yourself to the bone civilizing a pack of beasts whom you were bound by law to let live with you, and along comes some smooth-talking, blow-dried elitist talking about change, you get an involuntary shudder.

It's something akin to post-traumatic stress disorder, with the elfin voices from your past resurfacing: Look, Mom, I cut my own hair. Hey Dad, I reset all the stations on your radio. Mom, Dad, why can't we go somewhere cool to eat for a change? By the time your children are grown, you've had just about enough change, already, by golly, and the last thing you need is one more well-intentioned wiseguy shaking things up with his clever ideas.

This is why I prefer politicians who look too tired to make any trouble.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this! I can see why you love this book. I feel sorry for people who don't love to read.

angie said...

Oh my gosh. Love the quote. Thank you.