Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday, Aaron took the boys fishing in the afternoon, so I took Hope for a bike ride into Spicer. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. She loves riding behind me....and sticking her hands down the back of my pants...

Hope at the park -- it's amazing how much more mobile she is this year. Didn't need my help much at all!

Stopping at DQ to see our favorite cone maker -- KK!!

When we got home, the boys were playing baseball in the front yard with neighbor buddies. Daddy pitched and kept everything civil, for the most part.

After a full week of rain last week, we were all drunk with sunshine and warm temperatures. As I watch my kids enjoying the weather, enjoying life, I remind myself,

these are the golden days


Anonymous said...

Loved this blog so much! It does my heart good to see you and Aaron enjoying these years that fly by so quickly.

Ashley M said...

Whoa, MJR. Who does Hope look like now!? I kind of think there is a little Kayla in there. And you. And your mom. SO weird. I love seeing you have fun. Let's chat soon, mmmmk?