Sunday, May 02, 2010

Can I go back every weekend?

I spent Friday and Saturday of this past week at a beautiful Retreat Center called The Red Hen House in Brooten, MN. It's a Lutheran church that closed, but was then purchased and refurbished as a Retreat Center for quilters/scrapbookers/anyone looking to get away!

Thanks so much to my Aaron for allowing me an opportunity to recharge my batteries. Mamas are rarely offered a day off. You truly must make time to get away and have a moment of quiet. Like one of my friends commented, "It's fabulous to wake up and not have to "be" or "do" anything right away." So true! And it also helps you simply appreciate the children and family you have, just by stepping away from them for a moment.
I invited women who wanted to scrapbook for a couple days to come with me. It was an amazing time of refreshment and fun! The photo above is the downstairs retreat area with the dining room, kitchen, and three bedrooms.

A photo of one of the bedrooms - the retreat center sleeps 8.

This is the work area where we scrapbooked together. There was room for about 8 or 9 women to work. The front of this old church is now a small area with couches, a coffee table, and a stereo. We brought our delicious breakfast up here Saturday morning and ate there in the sunshine.
I hope to schedule another retreat maybe this fall, or just next year at this time again. Very reasonable rates, and a great time!

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