Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hope is in the House

I struggle with how to describe this little girl of mine. How do I put into words what her presence does to our home?

Where are the words in the English language to explain how my cup runneth over when I see this golden brown hair bouncing across the room?

Even making breakfast must come second when she looks up at you with hazel eyes.

Sweet Hope is days away from her 2nd birthday. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm struggling with letting go this time.

We're getting closer to "non-baby" days and while a huge part of me does the "happy dance", the other part of me can't bear the thought of her not sleeping in a crib or not needing me so much.

So no matter how big she gets (and she is a full sack of potatoes, lemme tell ya) I will pick this girl up. I will rock her and sing to her and lift her 'till my arms break. That's my baby girl. Always.


Anonymous said...

I feel it, my daughter. This is a very different experience for you and I am glad you are getting a chance to see how it is...there is nothing like a little girl...sugar and spice all rolled into one doll baby.

mordy said...

oof. like gettin' punched in the stomach.
in a good way.