Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Superman!

The sweet middle boy is turning 7 this weekend. *sigh* I had to include one of my favorite little boy pictures of him. He still loves helping me bake, and helping lick the bowl....and helping eat it all...
When he was this age (4) I took a minute one day to write down all his little questions. I'm so glad I kept them; they really give insight to WHO BOYS ARE and who they desire to be:
Did you know I cannot STAND kryptonite?
Can you pretend you're my wife?
Mom, let's go for a bike ride!
Can I be done?
How many more bites?
Did you know I could punch a hole in this wall with my arm?
Can I have one?
Know what?
Know what?
Can I show you what I can do?
What can I laser through with my eyes?
Do you know who I am, Mom?


Jana said...

Ah, good times. Enjoy all the special moments because they go too fast.


Anonymous said...

Each of my grandchildren have special traits that just endear them to me. They all have captured my heart forever.