Friday, February 26, 2010

meet me in the middle

I was going to write a short update on all my kids, but instead I thought I'd take it one at a time. They deserve that.

They are snowflakes - beautiful, complicated, and unique.

Today is dedicated to my middle boy, Daniel. He's only a couple of weeks away from seven years old, and I'm going to make six last as long as possible.

Last night, I took the advice of my sweet Mama and decided to take my Daniel out, just the 2 of us, for some one-on-one time. I know that each child needs undivided attention sometimes, but it's hard to make it a reality.

He was delighted. As we drove down country roads at twilight, he talked incessantly. We reminisced about summer bike rides, and reviewed what had been going on at school.
When I gave him a choice of Dairy Queen or A & W, he chose A & W. The Reese Cup Polar Swirl.
As we sat in the drive-thru, he had a clear view of the inside of the restaurant. He suddenly said,
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
"Oh, you're welcome, Daniel! I love being with you!" I squeezed him on the shoulder.
"I was just reading the trash cans in there," he said.
I looked inside and sure enough, 3 trash cans in a row with "thank you" on the front of each.


Rachel said...

HaHA! They keep us grounded, huh?

Erica said...

LOL doesn't do that one justice. That is the cutest! I'm glad you guys had fun on your date.

Erin said...

i remember when daniel was still just a toddler and you told will and i that you were pregnant again for johnny. time goes so incredibly fast. On that particular day, I can also distinctly remember G using the word "ridiculous" in as many sentences as he could because it was his newly learned word. Kids are such a blessing.