Saturday, February 13, 2010

Girl Power

I've been thinking a lot about friends lately...friends right here, friends miles away, friends I see every week and those I see once a year (if I'm lucky).

Do you think friendship gets easier as we get older? Oh, who are we kidding - no, it never gets easier, really, but it can get more complicated. You get married, you have children, the here and now takes over and that girl who made you think or made you laugh is knee-deep in diapers and burp cloths somewhere across the country.

You'd think things like cell phones, facebook, and texting would keep friendships stronger and connections deeper, but they've only given an appearance of closeness. You can reach people quicker, yes, but you can't connect to someone with electronics.

It takes one person looking into the eyes of another person, a smirk or a wink that says, "I get you, girl. I hear you."

When I think of friends I've had over the years, friends I have now, I'm always amazed at how it sneaks up on me.

You know, you're thinking, "oh, she's so different from me" or "we don't really have anything in common" but then you share a laugh, or you maybe a sorrow somehow and you go - HUH. Didn't see that coming.

Aren't you thankful for the amazing and different personalities in your life? Aren't you richer and wiser for those who've crossed your path through different seasons? I sure am.

Women are complicated and so are our friendships. But, wow, it's worth it. It's worth making plans and getting together. Stick together, chicks!


angie leverence said...

Beautifully written by a very wise "chick." Love you Jeannie. I love blogs to keep up with old friends like you. They are like little windows into our souls. IF we continue to be a bit vulnerable now and then.

Ashley M said...

I'm thankful for you MJR. I hope you know how incredible you are to me! Our season(and beyond) of crossing paths will never be anything less that God's sweet kindness and divine intervention :)

Rachel said...

Let's get together again, friend.