Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shh...Christmas Secrets

I'm not ashamed to say it: I'm very excited to play with these toys:

I ordered them here.
Pizza for Jonathan, Cake for Hope, but I'm sure they'll play with both. I absolutely LOVE Melissa and Doug toys. Awesome! The little pizza and cake parts are wooden and velcro, so they can stick to the "piece" and pretend all day.
I can hear it now, "MOOOMMMYY! Aren't you done playing with my toy??"


Erin said...

melissa and doug is seriously awesome. i am coveting the magnetic chore chart.

Tami said...

Oh, I too love Melissa and Doug, chase has a few of their items. He loved his Big Blue mailbox and letters with Velcro stamps! And he is getting a target version of the chore chart for Christmas! But i must say the puzzles are the best!