Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thoughts for the Blog

Jonathan loves singing to himself and one of his favorites right now comes from a Cedarmont Kids' DVD we have:

"Gimme That Old Time 'Eligion! It's good 'nuff for me!!!" (Old Time Religion) It does a Mama's heart good to hear her baby sing.


Went to a concert this past weekend in the Cities with a friend. We heard Phil Stacey, Matthew West, and Michael W. Smith, who really does look good for 60. Just kidding...sort of.

My college buddies, Dan and Angie Leverance, had two extra tickets. It was great to see them and to watch Dan direct a 1,000 voice choir. (Seriously) Now that he's tight with Michael W. Smith, he may develop a difficult personality. No, I doubt that.

One of my favorite moments of the night was Michael doing "Agnus Dei." After all these years, it still sounds so fresh and relevant. Amazing moment of worship.

I also enjoyed sitting next to Angie's mother, who I think felt the music was a bit loud. (What do you think, Angie? :)

The concert was also in honor of Billy Graham, who started a Christian Radio Station at Northwestern sixty years ago - KTIS. His two daughters, Gigi and Ruth spoke for a bit and shared how their Dad is doing.

One story that cracked me up was about their parents and how their mother would always say she was "fine" when anyone asked about her health. Billy, on the other hand, would recite a list of all his aches and pains if asked the same question.

Finally, at one point, apparently Ruth looked at Billy and said, "Why don't you be quiet and die like a Christian?" HA! Ruth was definitely the SPUNK of that union. They said Billy really misses her and to actually pray that God would bring him home -- he longs for heaven so much.

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angie leverence said...

I'm so glad you were there Jeannie! Definitely a cool memory for us! I think my mom did think it a bit loud, but oh was she proud of her kids. :)