Thursday, August 06, 2009

Things I've Said Today....

NO! You may not watch TV, or play on the computer!

Wanna play Jenga?

Then find something else to do, please.

The half Cranberry Chicken Salad, please. (You'd think I'd be sick of this by now...I think I've eaten it every day for months...)

Man! Am I glad to see you! (Usual greeting to cute sleepy boys in the morning.)

I love you.

Your haircut is so handsome!

Hopey, you HAVE to stop crying. (Had a fever for the past couple days...crabby city)

I think there are 3 kids crying now; I've officially lost my mind. (To Aaron on the phone around 4pm)


Jeannie said...

I should clarify that I don't actually buy the salad every day, but I learned to make it at home...

Beth Wilmot said...

I crafted a blog post in my head yesterday that I never posted, entitled "things I said at the grocery store today". It included such classics as "Please put your brother down", "No, you may not climb up that pole", and "The next person who steps on my flip flops will be riding in the cart." Good times.