Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Choosing to be Positive on a Bleak Day in Professional Sports

Today I could blog about Brett Favre and his insane evil twin who keeps doing stupid things.
I could share how depressing it is to see my favorite professional athlete hold up the jersey of a rival team.
But I have decided that it's much more important to show you happy summer faces of children in the sunshine and the water. Stuff that really matters.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I can never see enough of those precious faces!!

cindy said...

I thought of you when I heard the news about him going to the Vikings. Sorry for your angst.

Emily said...

Oh my word..THAT GIRL!!!! She is too much Jeannie Bean. So sweet. (Just for clarification..i'm talking about Hope...not Farve :)

mordy said...

grin. i didn't want to read what you were going to write about it. so i'm glad you didn't, because if you had i would've had to read it.

Anonymous said...

Agreement here! I'm in shock over what Favre has done. So much for retirement and his fame!

Great photos of the kids! The look on Jonathan's face reminds of Aaron so much. Cuz, Coleen

Susan said...

I totally thought of you too! Its too bad that he turned out to be a typical athlete!

mordy said...

i'm ready to hear other people's two-cents about brett now, so i'll throw mine in first. don't read this if you want me to be disappointed with him. :)

i have nothing in my life with which i can relate to brett. i'm not particularly good at anything, not particularly devoted to any one thing (barring Jesus and my family, but you know what i mean). maybe you do. do you consider yourself passionate about singing? i was wondering what you would feel like if you could never sing again. i'm sure you thought about it with your b.p. experience. oh, maybe teach your kids some songs in the backyard, but never, ever really SING again. would your stomach churn? would your chest burn? would your lungs ache for just one more BELT IT OUT?

i think of brett like that, times one thousand. mj, too. they did it everyday, they breathed it, they ate it, and they loved every second. how do you let go of something like that. if you don't have to cut out your heart and walk away from it, why should you.

it's not about the packers, at least it shouldn't be. it's about passion. the same passion that we all loved him for is the thing that people now hate. that's too bad. the world could use a little more of it.

Jeannie said...

hey mordy -- no, i agree with you on the passion. it's hard to remember that passion in light of the business of professional football and how that fits in.

i have no idea what went on behind the scenes, where his heart is. it's like what he said at press conference, "if you don't like the drama, don't watch."

i still root for Favre, still love him, just have a hard time watching him in purple. and maybe loyalty to one team forever and ever amen is a bit idealistic in this day and age and the business...

mordy said...

maybe loyalty to a team is too small, too narrow. maybe his loyalty is to something bigger, like sport. maybe something smaller, like himself. i'd like to think it's the former, though.

and you're right, the kids with the sun and the water is waaaaaay more important. :)

(simeon joseph is scheduled to show up on tuesday, 8 am, btw.)