Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adventures (or What Mommy Does While We Have Adventures)

So, if the boys are fishing/boating/doing boy things, I am capturing it all on film, or reading a good book, or both, if I'm really lucky. And a couple of weekends ago, I really lucked out.

We were at Aaron's family cabin in Wisconsin and I was reading this and trying to get some cool shots, too. I didn't realize it until after the picture, but baby girl has quite the swim diaper snuggie in this one.

Baby girl has fallen in love with anything water-related, and is brave enough to be dangerous.

We went exploring through the Upper Eau Claire Lakes, where you have to pull your boat through the straits between lakes. Notice Hope "exploring" by camera bag...

Cousins caught so many fish!! But J. wonders, "When you don't have pockets, where do you put your hands?

"Uh, Daddy?" Mama doesn't do worms.


Beth Wilmot said...

Great pics- especially baby girl! You really should feed her, ya know, she's all skin and bones. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well Jeannie, if the 4th is the same across the board, our little Chandler is the most daring of all and has no fear. He loves the water and not much scares him. He's the first to say he'll try anything. You may have one of them, too, in that little girl. Best of all, he's so carefree and a bundle of laughter all the time. Love those puggy photos of those diaper years! We never go back. Adorable Cousin Coleen