Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daniel Sings

Daniel recently had his Kindegarten Program where each child chooses some type of performance. I encouraged to sing along with his favorite song, "Joy" by Tree63. (I think it was recorded around 2001, because I remember looking at baby Greg in his infant seat, and he'd be bouncing like crazy to the beat -- even at 5 months old!)

We were really proud of him, since he's not as enthusiastic about being up front, like some other people in his family, ahem.

I love the lyrics:

I love you Lord, I worship You, I love you Lord, always / So thankful Lord, You saved my life, You saved my life today / Let me be a shining light for You / Let me be a JOY to You always / Let me be a shining light for YOU / Let me be a JOY to You always

No Superman (Daniel's favorite lyric) / I'm no hero / I'm just a man in Your eyes / But through Your Son / I've overcome the father of all lies

Congratulations, D, on a great year!!


lori lynch said...

Okay, that might be the sweetest thing I have seen this year!!! Something about him reminds me a little of Doug, do you think? Doug makes that same face when he gets a little nervous I think?? Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

That is just precious. I agree with Lori...he is more like Doug than any of the others so far.
Tell him that Grandma is so proud of him.

Beth Wilmot said...

Love this! We have that song on a CD in the van right now.

Rachel said...

Oh my word! That is so precious!

Madison says it's really good, Daniel! And very cool.

mordy said...