Sunday, March 08, 2009

Someday Has Come

First of all, Blogger makes it really hard to post and present pictures the way you want to. That said, I am happy to show you our very own Extreme Home Makeover. Well, that's exaggerating. Aaron painted a wall.

But it wasn't just any wall. It was the wall that had been literally BEGGING for color the day we moved in. And everyday I would look at this wall and think, "someday, baby, someday." It felt a little like living in an igloo with all that white, but I would tell myself it was better than flowery wallpaper that needed to be stripped (right, Syna? :).

The primer was a dark gray because, well, if you know me, I have this thing for...RED

Once the primer was on, it looked navy blue, and I almost fell in love with that, but I'm glad I stuck to my first instinct. Ah, red. You bold fresh thing, you.
Still haven't decided if I'm happy with the collage on the wall, but whatever. It's just so warm and yummy now. Yup, I know that's a wimpy chandelier in below picture. It's days are numbered. The picture above has more of the deep, brick red I was hoping for. Aaron's doing one last coat since there's still a little bit of streak.This project wouldn't have been complete without a little drama from baby girl. She got too close to Daddy and ended up looking like a bad horror movie. Isn't this picture awful? She looks like she grabbed a GINSU KNIFE! AND IT TASTES GOOD, TOO!
Thank goodness it's latex.


Ashley M said...

I loooooooooove the red wall. Someday, I'll visit and get to see it in person! Oh and I like the collage too!

Erin said...

I'm with you, friend. LOVE the red! I can never have enough! That looks really great, and I know that red isn't easy to paint and get even.

Beth Wilmot said...

Love it! Nice work, Aaron!

jen said...

it looks GREAT!
home improvements are scary.

Rachel said...

OOO! I DO love your red wall! Nice work, Reid!

angie leverence said...

We have a red dining room too. We are also thinking the new baby's room will be red when we get our little one home from Ethiopia.